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Find Out How You Can Save Money for Carpet Cleaning Services

We all use carpets in our home/office, etc. and due to heavy foot traffic on the carpet regularly, it becomes dirty and worn. That is why you need a carpet cleaner once or twice per year.

So, here are some tips which can help you to save money while hiring a cleaner: –

  • Get an Estimate: – A quite easy and faster step to get various estimates online on different carpet cleaning websites. You can easily compare the estimate and choose the appropriate cleaner for your cleaning services. 
  • Ask Your Family & Friends in your neighborhood: – A good step of research without putting much effort is to ask your relatives or family friends for the carpet cleaning rates in your area. Ask them if they have used a professional, trustworthy, carpet cleaner with good results & service. 
  • Find Out What’s Included in Your service: – You know that different companies provide different type of cleaning services or packages., So when you are choosing a service provider, make sure that services which you are looking for have been included in the quoted price. Otherwise you may have to pay extra.
  • Ask for Coupons and Discounts: – You can check the company’s website for any coupon and special discount on any service. And do not forget to ask your cleaners if they are offering any discount on your selective package because it sometimes happens that the company does not disclose the discount or offer, they are providing.
  • Find Out if Company Offers any Satisfactory/Guarantee Policy: – As you know there is a lot of competition in the carpet cleaning business. That is why good companies offer a satisfaction or money back guarantee. So, be attentive when you are hiring a carpet cleaner.

I hope the above tips will help you save money while you go for carpet cleaning services.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning services in Highland Beach, then Heaven’s Best can help you. We provide you the best quality job at affordable rates.

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How Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?

We all use carpets in our home, offices, etc. and due to regular foot traffic, our carpet becomes dirty and we get a strange kind of smell also. Dry Carpet Cleaning can help get your carpets clean with a relatively shorter drying time.

Let us see how much effective dry carpet cleaning method is:

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method: – Dry Carpet Cleaning is the latest technology in the market, it is also known as Low Moisture Cleaning Process. So, in this method cleaners use a biodegradable solution that is sprayed on carpets to attract dirt like a magnet from your carpet. This powder is specially designed for this work. 

After spraying the solution on the carpet, its allowed to sit for a short time, so it became easy to remove dirt from the carpet. Then cleaners vacuum up your carpet or remove dirt & stains from your carpet. Between this process, your carpet will be completely dry and ready for immediate use.

So, this is our extremely popular and effective dry carpet cleaning process for those who want immediate results. If you are looking for carpet cleaning services in Coral Springs, then Heaven’s Best can help you. 

We are a professional carpet cleaning company in South Florida. We provide tile & grout cleaning, area rug cleaning, pet urine damage treatment & upholstery cleaning Coconut Creek, Highland Beach, Parkland, Margate, LightHouse Point, Deerfield Beach & nearby. Call us at 954-821-8198 to book our services. 

Why it is Necessary to Clean Upholstery Regularly?

With daily usage of upholstery items like couch, recliner, kitchen & dining room chairs, love seats in our home, it becomes dirty, stinky, and oily.  

Here are top 4 reasons why you should clean your upholstery regularly:

  • To give it a new look and get rid of dirt
  • Make it fresh smelling and get rid of odor issues
  • Get rid of allergens & bacteria
  • Extend the life of your upholstery as dirt has a tearing effect on fibers

While cleaning your upholstery, a professional cleaner removes dirt and stains from your upholstery thus giving it a new look along with a fresh smell.

Cleaning also includes sanitizing so your upholstery will be free from the microbiology.

We suggest you not to hire a cheap random company for your cleaning needs. Hire a trusted, professional, and top-rated company for quality services. 

Heaven’s Best will be the right company for your upholstery cleaning services in Deerfield Beach, Light House Point, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Parkland, and nearby.

Call us at 954-821-8198 to get top quality upholstery cleaning services.

Which Carpet Cleaner is the Best for Pet Urine Damage Treatment?

I think that you will be surprised to know that there are more than 840+ million pets in the world. Even you cannot imagine how many people love pets. Our today’s blog is also somewhere connected to a pet lover.

So, people who are very fond of their pets, sometimes they get a little irritable and angry because of their pet’s habits like urine & pet feces & stains on the carpet, mud on the floor, etc. These bad habits of pets can be an invitation to several diseases, and it could affect you. That is why you need a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in pet urine damage treatment.

Here are few pet carpet cleaner products you may get from your local store like Home Depot:

Even Heaven’s Best has a spot remover that you can ask your local Heaven’s Best franchise.

However, not all pet stains can be effectively removed with these solutions. If your pet accident is fresh and not a major one, you can use these products.

If you need a professional carpet cleaner for the removal of pet odor and pet damage spot, then Heaven’s Best can help.

We are the best carpet cleaning service provider in Highland Beach & South Florida for many years.  Our cleaners are experienced and well trained to remove the affected pad and to restore inside back to a smell-free carpet.

We also provide tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, pet urine damage treatment, commercial cleaning & carpet cleaning in Parkland.

To book our services, call us at 954-821-8198.

How Do Professionals Clean Area Rugs?

Most of us use area rugs as a significant investment in decor. It adorns the room and fills the gap of space. It is incredibly soft in use and you can also play games, watch movies, etc. on rugs. Overtime rugs tend to accumulate lot of dirt & hair making it unhygienic. Regular rug cleaning is especially required in homes with kids and seniors.

Here are the steps involved in rug cleaning: –

  1. Firstly, every cleaner may vacuum your area rug on both sides. It is important because vacuum removes the inevitably accumulated crumbs, dust & dirt.
  2. Then cleaner will apply shampoo/chemical on your rug and set it for some time as it is. So, the solution will sit on the rug and cleaner can clean it deeply.
  3. Then cleaner will rinse out soap water from the rug and they also use a tool – squeegee to pull out the excess water from the rug before finishing their work.
  4. Then they dry both sides of your rug completely.
  5. And in the last, they vacuum your rug again to loosen up the fibers because it might be possible, that they have compacted during the washing/drying process. 

Now you can enjoy your clean & dust free rug again!

If you are looking for area rug cleaning services in Coconut Creek, then we can help you by cleaning your oriental, wool, Persian, and other fine area rugs. 

We are professional cleaners and we also provide carpet cleaning services in Highland Beach, Margate, Parkland, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, and surrounding areas of South FL.

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Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning Services

You always keep your upholstery clean so, it smells fresh, looks attractive and keeps allergies and dust away.

Here are some benefits of upholstery cleaning services: –

  1. Extend the life of your furniture: – By regular cleaning of your furniture, sofa, armchair, etc. you are removing dust, odours, and body oil from your upholstery and extend the life of your assets.
  2. A Beautiful Appearance: – Regular cleaning of your upholstery will give you a new look and better appearance, in front of relatives, clients, etc.
  3. Savings: – It is most important because by cleaning your upholstery, you will save your money rather than purchasing a new one.
  4. Indoor Air Quality: – You can improve your indoor air quality and can protect your family from health issues because dust, mites, and other particles are always active on your upholstery.

If you are looking for upholstery cleaning services, then hire Heaven’s Best for your upholstery cleaning needs. We are the leading upholstery cleaning service provider in Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Margate, Pompano Beach, and surrounding areas of FL.

We have well-trained experts who give a professional touch to your upholstery, and as a professional, we have all the equipment and tools for your cleaning needs. We also provide tile & grout cleaning, area rug cleaning & carpet cleaning services in LightHouse Point & nearby.

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What are the benefits of carpet cleaning?

As you know we use carpet to cover the textile floor. While carpets are aesthetically pleasing, they attract a lot of dirt, hair & dander. It is important to know how much carpet cleaning is beneficial for your family. So, today we share some benefits of carpet cleaning which are important and helpful if you use carpet in your home/offices.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning are:-

  1. It extends the life of your carpet
  2. It removes dirt, bacteria, allergens & stains from the carpet
  3. Creates a Healthier Environment
  4. Safe for kids and pets.
  5. It reduces Traffic Lane Effects
  6. It increases the overall appearance of the room

If you are looking for Carpet Cleaning Services in Coral Springs, then Heaven’s Best is the right choice for your cleaning needs because we care for your carpet, and your family, that’s y we are the leading carpet cleaning company in South Florida.

We also provide carpet cleaning services in Highland Beach, Parkland, Margate, Deerfield Beach, and surrounding areas of FL. A perfect clean carpet is our mission.

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